Bringing Life Science Solutions to the People

A bold dream was born in 1992 and fortunately turned into a €94 million success story, starting with sales and distribution of medical devices. Our focus on pharma & biopharma industrial equipment distribution and investments in production sites brought our business to growth.

A healthy work culture creates the presence of loyalty. It enables our visionary plans to keep winning shares in life science products and medical equipment market in Baltic countries.

Our Revenues

We unite the companies operating in different business sectors:
Sales & Distribution / Engineering Design / Production / Retail / E-Commerce



Lifescience. One of the few Baltic companies that is highly experienced in design, sales, installation, and maintenance of laboratory and industrial equipment, as well technical and scientific support for biotechnology, life science, chemistry, and cosmetics industries. Also designs, manufactures, and sells the single-use products for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and life science industries.



Medical devices. Distributes technologically advanced world-class orthopedic, traumatology, sports medicine, neurosurgery implants and related instruments, artificial tissues, and biomaterials. Maintains close cooperation with physicians and shares the knowledge of how to return to an active life without pain. Ensures customized means of treatment.

Biomedikos centras

Health care. Leading retailer and supplier of innovative, advanced medical equipment in the Baltics representing Phonak-certified pediatric hearing center with its accredited laboratory and the Eye Health Center for the visually impaired and blind. Offers innovative products and individual consultations at patients’ homes if necessary. Salutes freedom of mobility.

Yzi Pet

Products for pets. Retail boutique and e-shop of sustainable products for pets. Delivers assorted range of products, which is approved by professionals and pet owners in various countries. Selects eco-friendly assortment with best production practices. Each product is personally tested before it gets onto the shelves. Stands for pets’ comfort.

Seaside Property

Real estate management. Ensures the development, maintenance, and administration of companies’ real estate. Takes care of certification and compliance with production and commercial activities. Consults on the implementation of strategic business development goals through the acquisition and development of the real estate. Analyzes and submits proposals for investment projects.

In the Spotlight


Reputation Index 2023

A list of reputable companies was announced for the eighth time in Lithuania. This year, Biotecha rose to 5th place in the opinion-leader rankings. Getting high scores in this category is an achievement, as it has strict requirements concerning employees and corporate social responsibilities. “Biotecha” is in 6th place in the overall index of best reputable companies for 2023.


Effective Self-Healthcare with padeda®

Counting a third decade of experience in medical devices, “Biomedika” launched a new brand and e-shop padeda®, to offer high-quality food supplements for effective self-healthcare. Our products are based on collagen hydrolyzate and rich in nutrients essential for the health of bones, joints, and muscles. Supplements intake reduces the risk of a medical condition, helps heal after an injury or surgery, and supports an active lifestyle. A healthy body is a key to well-being.


ISO 14001:2015 Certified

Since 2022 March, “Biotecha” has been certified with ISO 14001 – an independent third-party validation of an environmental management system by the 14001: 2015 standard. It is a natural continuation of our environmental policy a systemic approach and actions to manage ecological impact. The certificate ensures efficient use of natural resources and response to environmental changes.

Biomedikos centras

Dignified Customer Experience

The new and modern center for disabled people in Vilnius, Kalvariju str. 125, was established to ensure a dignified customer experience. Our specialists there provide consultations to comprehend individual needs and advice on suitable products and additional means of ensuring health & comfort in day-to-day life. Products vary from wheelchairs (incl. electrical), comfortable walkers to goods for children with special needs: car seats, tricycles, and other mobility aids.


Comfortable Experience for Pets

A new spacious boutique for a comfortable experience for pets and their guardians was opened. The brand’s philosophy is built on trust and close commitment to animals – faithful fellowers and the best friends. “Yzipet” collaborates with the training schools to share their knowledge and experience with clients. The prime aim is to consult and find the best solutions according to individual needs ensuring the health and comfort of the pet.

Seaside Property

A Solar Park Acquired

Starting April, all companies in the group use green electricity. Seaside Property, the company that administers the group’s real estate, has completed the process of acquiring a 250 kW solar park and has successfully allocated power across our facilities. We are happy to contribute to a more sustainable future.

To Care


We value & support individual growth by creating a healthy and robust work environment. 30% of people work in our company for more than 5 years.


We will not save the world, but we will participate in trying to. We invest in renewable energy sources and serve to restore the planet’s green land.


The commercial agreement is the result of shared interest & collaboration with our partners. We set the price by creating value.

To End

Things happen with the right people, the right set of mind, and the proper support. The right people are the ones that care.

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